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The Southside of Chicago's "Steel Tip" Dart League since 1981

Mailing Address: 10509 S. Whipple St. Chicago IL 60655

Phone: 773-445-7700

E-mail: office@southsidedartleague.org



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December 16th Awards Banquet, 7:30 PM at Elks Club: 4428 Midlothian Turnpike, Crestwood

January 6th 7:30 to 10 pm - Winter 2020 Registration Brewbakers, Luck of the Draw starts at 8pm



16th Annual All Star Challenge

Congratulations to the Southside All Star Team that beat the Windy City team 19-17.
Silver --- Trevor Buboltz Mike Copeland Lou Gain Kevin Jinkensen Sonny Loepke David Loepke
Nickel --- Billy Downs Chuck Downer Dan Ernst Ryan Galvin Scott Kelly CJ Llamendo
Brass --- Anthony Cuchetto John Granville Mike Marek Steve Marek Ryan Pryor Scott Schadae
Women's --- Marlene Gannon Marge Heintz Sharon Huffman Carolyn Nasadowski Dee Sroka Geri Stein

Thanks to Brewbakers for hosting the event and to all the players for participating in a great night of darts





2019 Fall Schedule





Want to join a team or get more information about the Southside Dart Steel Tip Dart League

e-mail us at office@southsidedartleague.org or leave a message at 773-445-7700



Captains Information

Playoffs - To be playoff eligible a player must have
played a minimum of 5 games over 5 weeks. Any
questions should be directed to the board by phone
or e-mail at office@southsidedartleague.org

Play-off tie breakers: 1) Head to Head Record of Teams Involved. 2) Singles Record vs. Teams Involved. .
3)Away Record vs. Entire Division. 4) Coin-Toss

Scores must be called in to 773-445-7700 or emailed to office@southsidedartleague.org by
11:00am the day after darts. There will be a 1 point penalty per week until the score is called in.
When calling in high darters please spell there last name and let us know which team they play for.
Please confirm the spelling of
your team name on the standings - that is
how it will appear on any awards you may win.
Darts Eligible for Call in or High Scores:
A 140 or more in one turn in 301 or 501
Doubled in with a 101 or more in 301
Doubled out with a 101 or more in 301 or 501
4 or more bulls in Dirty Cricket
Trip Trips in Dirty Cricket
Please report what team they play for


The Southside Dart League is a not for profit organization operating since 1981. We have 2 ten week seasons per year with a Tournament for our members every November. During the Summer months, we sponsor a traveling Luck of the Draw that is open to everyone. This is a good place to meet darters and form new teams for the Fall and Winter Seasons. Of course, 21 is the age required for membership. More about us.