2006 All Star Challenge

3nd Annual Match, October 22, 2:00 pm

Hosted by Windy City Darters at Di's Den, 5100 W Irving Park Road

Southside Dart League won the 2006 All Star Challenge, beating Windy City Darters for the first time since the annual contest began in 2004.
SDL shooters eaked out a 19-17 victory powered by a most determined women's team. The Brass, Nickel and Masters teams each churned through tight matches to arrive at a 4-5 loss, while the Southside ladies rang up a 7-2 to carry the day.
The actual finish was a barnburner: All matches were finished before Masters' games 8 & 9. As the score was 18-16 favoring Southside, Windy City needed to win both remaining games to force a tie*. An unflappable Sonny Loepke won the deciding point in singles cricket that ended with a scorching final leg of 700 points

About All Star Challenge: The best shooters from Chicago's two rival dart leagues play a best-of-36 format for a traveling trophy and a year of bragging rights. Windy City Darters was host this year, the 2007 ASC will be hosted by Southside Dart League on Oct 21, 2007.

Players from both leagues earn their position on these teams by winning at "qualifier events" held durng the year. Southside Dart League qualifies players from competition in the Southside Cup, summer Luck-of-the-Draw and numerous qualifier shoots during spring and summer. Watch for the announcements for open Brass, Nickel and Women's qualifiers. (Make sure your team's MVP enters at least one qualifier this year.)

*Tiebreaker: Single leg of 1001 played by 4 person teams: One each from Brass, Nickel, Masters, Women.


Windy City Darters
Southside Dart League


Southside Brass Team

Jonathan Czerwinski, Groucho's (SDL Cup Brass Singles Champion)

Sean Miller, Craven's (Winner, Qualifier 1 )

Ken Sanders, Rosa's (Winner, Qualifier 2)

Adam Arend, Hippos (Winner, Qualifier 3

Ruben Gamez, Rosa's (Winner, Qualifier 4)

Don Durkovic, Hippos (Top Brass player from summer LOD)

Gerry Corrigan, An Seanachi

Southside Nickel Team

Andy Roth, Beggar's Pizza (SDL Cup Nickel Singles Champ)

Manus Gallagher, Cullen's (Winner, Qualifier 1)

Rudy Gamez, Rosa's (Winner, Qualifier 2)

Jim Kicho, Brewbakers (Winner, Qualifier 3

TJ Roth , (Beggar's Pizza (Winner, Qualifier 4)

Bob Schultz, Cullinans (Top Nickel Player from Summer LOD)

Rick Conley, Mc Nally's

Southside Tungsten Team

Ron Johnson, Double Play Saloon

Kevin Jinkensen, Double Play Saloon

Sonny Loepke, Double Play Saloon

Joe Mateja, Double Play

Darin Kaiser, Double Play

Frank Shukstor, Double Play

Charlie Dispensa, Double Play

Southside Women's Team

Marlene Gannon, Wrongs (SDL Cup Women's MVP)

Tina Muscare, Rosa's (SDL CUP Women's Singles)  

Sharon Huffman, Double Play Saloon (Women's qualifier 1 )

Karen Huffman, Brewbakers (Women's qualifier 2 )

Kris Trobe, Brewbakers (Top woman from summer LOD)

Cindy Orr, Rosa's (2nd woman from summer LOD)

Jeni Morando, Double Play II



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