2007 All Star Challenge


Windy City Darters
Southside Dart League
Tungsten 6 3
Nickel 3 6
Brass 4 5
Women 7 2
Cumulative 20 16



2007 All Star Challenge

Windy City Darters won the All Star Challenge 20-16 with some determined play on our home turf. They reclaimed the title, increasing their lead in the annual series to 3-1.

The SDL Nickel squad finally showed up this year, rolling up a 6-3 win powered by the boys of Cullen's: Robbie Martin and Ray ORourke. The Brass team delivered another 6 points to the cause, including sturdy play from the husband and wife team of Gerry Corrigan and Julie Chornes. Meanwhile, the Women's team found tough sledding against Windy City ladies determined to reverse their drubbing of last year. The Tungsten squad took a similar hard loss with narrow losses in many close legs.

A lot of fellows on these teams would be adversaries on regular league nights. But not at the SDL Cup where they closed ranks for this battle over all Chicagoland. Consider the irony: TJ Roth and Phil Miller were opponents on the Nickel team, but they will be doubles partners at the Southside Cup.

Women: Sharon Huffman 5 bulls, Jen Morando 140, Marge Pass 2 wins.
Brass: Julie, Gerry and Ruben Gamez 2 wins each.
Nickel: Robbie Martin 156 out, TJ Roth and Robbie 2 wins each.
Tungsten: Jim Ross 140, Ron Johnson trip trips, Mike Copeland 2 wins.

The Daily Southtown newspaper came out to cover the All Star Challenge with significant articles in both the Sunday and Monday editions. SDL got some excellent exposure. Thanks, Courtney Greve.

Another exhilirating day of roaring competition. Thanks to everyone who played, the team captains and the Double Play Saloon. Special thanks to those who came out to watch. Building the attendance makes All Star Challenge a success and ensures future events.




Southside Brass Team

Ruben Gamez, Rosa's (SDL Cup Brass Singles Champion)

Adam Arend, Hippo's (Winner, Qualifier 1 )

Gerry Corrigan, An Seanachi (Winner, Qualifier 2)

Jonthan Czerwinski, Dingers (Winner, Qualifier 3

Julie Chrones, An Seanachi(Winner, Qualifier 4)

Mike Hanrahan, An Seanachi (Top Brass player from summer LOD)


Southside Nickel Team

Ray O'Rourke, Cullen's (SDL Cup Nickel Singles Champ)

TJ Roth, Chicago Bear (Winner, Qualifier 1)

Robbie Martin, Cullen's (Winner, Qualifier 2)

Josh Wabisczcewicz, Cullinan's(Winner, Qualifier 3

Yu Gilespie, An Seanachi (Winner, Qualifier 4)

Brian Bender, Cullinan's (Top Nickel Player from Summer LOD)

Southside Tungsten Team

Mike Copeland, Double Play

Jim Ross, Double Play

Sonny Loepeke, Double Play

Andy Roth, Double Play

Ron Johnson, Double Play

Stef Bogartes, Double Play

Darin Kaiser, Double Play

Southside Women's Team

Tina Muscare, Rosa's (SDL Cup Women's MVP)

Sharon Huffman, Brewbakers (SDL Cup Women's MVP runner-up)

Kris Trobe, Hippo's (Women's qualifier 1 )

Missy Moyzsis, Hippo's (Women's qualifier 2 )

Karen Huffman, Brewbakers (Top woman from summer LOD)

Jen Morando, Hippos (Top woman from summer LOD)

Marge Pass, Craven's




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